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About Us

Our Family Practice Focuses on Wellness

The Kavanaugh Chiropractic teamFamily wellness and health optimization have been the focus of our Midtown NYC chiropractic care center since 1991. Kavanaugh Chiropractic, which also has a location in East Hampton, is passionate about working with patients of all ages, with all types of conditions. Our office offers the services of a full medical team, and we have the expertise to help with a variety of conditions, ranging from autoimmune disorders and fertility problems to pediatric issues and sports injuries.

Our Vision

Our mission is to help as many families as we can to realize their inborn health potential through chiropractic care and other holistic modalities. We’re very aware that there are a lot of people out there that need help; we have great confidence that we can provide that help.

Passion, Purpose and a Promise

Our practice demonstrates exceptional passion when it comes to getting people well. Our purpose is not only to eliminate your pain but to take you far beyond that point—the point where you begin to realize that it’s possible to have a level of health you’ve never before experienced.

Love and enthusiasm are part of the whole mind-body approach that we take with those we serve. It’s our promise to you that when you receive something as simple as a skilled, gentle adjustment, it will usually be a “wow” experience that you won’t soon forget.

We like to think of ourselves as longevity experts that can help you get the most out of life. Is there anything better than feeling good and having the energy to enjoy the activities you love? If what we have sounds like an ideal fit, we encourage you to contact our office today for a convenient appointment. We feature on-site X-rays.


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