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Manhattan Chiropractor :: Dr. John Kavanaugh

My body was an absolute mess. I knew nothing about chiropractic, until a friend introduced it to me in my 20’s and it changed my life!

Dr. Kavanaugh loves to care for the families of Manhattan

Its great seeing a family committed to getting and staying healthy together.

I was a lacrosse player, a full contact sport athlete for twenty years. My body was in pain and I suffered from allergies and constant colds. Once I began receiving chiropractic adjustments my health drastically improved and it was the only thing that I had found which helped me. I could stay away from drugs and surgeons and let my body heal itself!

My body and health underwent such a transformation I decided to pursue chiropractic as my career so I could help thousands experience healing like I had.

I attended Life University in Georgia. It is the largest chiropractic school in the country. I love the philosophy of life they teach; the body is a self healing mechanism, it can heal itself of anything!

I’ve always been inspired by Jack Lalanne. He was sickly during his youth but transformed his health, body, and mind through nutrition, exercise, and positive thinking. Few people knew he was a chiropractor, most of us knew him as a pioneer and expert in longevity and natural health! He was always an inspiration and was ahead of his time!

Sports play an important part in my kids’ lives!

I have four beautiful children all growing up on the East End of Long Island. They are fantastic students and have all achieved Honor Roll merits at their local Jr. High and High Schools. Between the three oldest they play soccer, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, track and have participated in debate teams and student governments. We love cycling and visiting local beaches to surf, barbeque and relax. I am an avid surfer myself and can often be found on a wave during my time away from the office. I love exploring the local region on my bicycle and find new friends wherever I go!

Exercise to maximize!

I am always on the go. Movement is life and I try to inspire others to get up and get going. I surf, cycle, swim, and stretch to maintain my health physically and mentally. I’ve always been a stickler for great nutrition- You are what you eat! A balanced healthy diet will improve all facets of your life!

Thanks for visiting our site. Don’t wait another day to get yourself out of pain and begin living a healthy, active life! Give our office a call and we’ll arrange a convenient time for you to come in! We look forward to seeing you soon! (646) 650-5600

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